• Admission is non-refundable.
  • By purchasing badges to Con-Nichiwa, attendees agree to allow photographs and/or video with their likeness to be used by Con-Nichiwa for promotional purposes, including (but not limited to): fliers, television commercials, print ads, or website advertisements.
  • Children 12 and under get in for free with a paid accompanying adult (18+) and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Limit two children per paid adult.


  • Service animals will be allowed in the convention to assist those people who are in need of them. Other animals are not permitted in the convention space.


  • Badges must be worn and visible at all times. Individuals without badges will not be allowed in convention space.
  • No replacement will be provided for lost badges; a new membership must be purchased at the full rate. For this reason, keep a close eye on your badge. Please return any found badges to Registration.


  • Con-Nichiwa is not liable for any missing belongings. Please keep a close eye on your items. If you lose something, please check the Lost and Found at the Security Desk.

Convention Behavior

  • The following behaviors are not allowed at the convention:
    • Disruptive or unsafe behavior that disturbs the staff or attendees
    • Sleeping in convention space
    • Physical or verbal harassment of staff or other attendees
    • Destruction or defacement of hotel or convention property
    • Sexual misconduct, such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment
    • Unwanted touching without permission of the individual, such as glomping, hugging, etc.
    • Any activity prohibited by law
    • Individuals who violate these rules will be warned and asked to stop. Con-Nichiwa reserves the right to request anyone violating these rules to leave the convention. If the person continues to violate these rules, they may be barred re-entry to the convention. Any violation of these rules which involves activities prohibited by law will result in notification of authorities.
    • Please behave respectfully in the hotel space and take care not to disturb non-convention hotel guests. We would like to leave a good impression with the hotel and its patrons. Convention attendees who are found disturbing other hotel guests in convention space, outside the hotel, or in hotel hallways are subject to disciplinary action, including being ejected from the convention.


  • Above all, Con-Nichiwa is a family-friendly event. Please exercise modesty when wearing your costume as we have children in attendance. If the Con-Nichiwa staff feels your costume is too revealing, we may ask you to change your costume. Excessive blood on a costume may also be upsetting to children. Again, Con-Nichiwa staff may ask you to change your costume if we feel it is in poor taste. If you have questions about what is acceptable, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • All cosplayers must have a clear line of sight while wearing their costumes.
  • Shoes are required to be worn while in the convention space. However, you may remove your shoes for photos if desired, but they must be replaced directly after the photo is taken.
  • Performance of skits in the hallways will not be permitted.
  • If your costume has pieces that extend from it (spikes, armor, wings, etc.), please be careful of the other attendees.
  • Please stay aware of your surroundings. If you damage or destroy any of the hotel property, you will be held responsible.
  • Please do not block any doorways or exits with your costume or costume pieces. Anyone doing so may be asked to return their costume to their room.


  • We all love to dance, but this behavior can be disruptive to vendors, staff, and other attendees. If you and your friends would like to perform dances (such as the "Hare Hare Yukai", "Caramelldansen", or a Conga line), please do this outside and out of the way of other attendees. If the dance interferes with other activities, Security will be called to stop the dancing. You are welcome to dance, but make sure it is in an empty area and does not interfere with others.
  • Dancing by attendees is not allowed in the Vendor Hall at any time due to space constraints.

Eating Contests

  • Attendees who participate in any convention-organized eating contests (such as ramen-eating contest) acknowledges that there are risks of personal injury, illness, and possible loss of life, and risks of damage to or loss of personal property, which may result from participating in such contests.
  • By voluntarily participating in such contests, the attendee agrees to not hold Con-Nichiwa liable for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the contest or the attendee's participation in the contest.

Fliers and marketing

  • One table near Registration will be set aside for fliers. There is no charge to place fliers on this table. Please be considerate and limit your fliers to a single pile (100 max). Also, do not remove other fliers or cover them up. Fliers may not contain adult or illegal material. Fliers remaining at the end of the convention will be thrown out or recycled—if you wish to save your fliers please pick them up before before the end of the convention. Fliers promoting other conventions need to be approved by the Con-Nichiwa Convention Director prior to placement.
  • Any material that is used in the promotion of another convention is prohibited at the convention without prior approval from the Con-Nichiwa Director. Anyone found to be handing out such material will be asked once to refrain from doing so any further and to remove all material from the convention. If the subject or group is found to be disobeying this request they will be escorted from the convention and their badges confiscated and will not be allowed admittance back into the convention.
  • Fliers left elsewhere in the convention (such as in panel rooms, at events, stuck on walls, etc) will be thrown out immediately. Excessive amounts of fliers will result in all fliers from that organization being removed from the convention.
  • If you wish to insert your flier or materials into our registration bags, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our rates.


  • Music played via instrument or boom box can be considered disruptive behavior. If you would like to share music with others, please do so at a reasonable volume and away from other convention activities. It is allowed to carry a boom box or musical device as long as the volume is acceptable. If it is deemed to be too loud, you may be asked to turn it down or off completely. If your music is particularly fun and causes dancing, the dancing must follow the "Dancing" policy above.


  • When taking a picture of a cosplayer, please be conscious of traffic in the hallways. Please take the pictures off to the side so you do not block traffic.
  • Stopping to take photos of cosplayers in the vendor hall is not allowed.
  • Please be considerate and ask before taking pictures of other attendees, staff, or guests.


  • The construction and display of signs by attendees is not allowed. This includes such signs as "Free Hugs", "Will Yuri for Yaoi", or "Glomps for Cash". Attendees carrying such signage will be warned and have the sign confiscated. Con-Nichiwa staff reserves the right to eject attendees carrying such signs from the convention and bar re-entry. The only exception to this rule is signs that are part of a costume (such as Genma Panda carrying a "What?" sign) are allowed.
  • Please do not post any signs on the walls. Hotel policy prohibits us from posting anything on the walls (such as posters, banners, pictures, etc.). Anything posted on the walls will be taken down and thrown away.


  • Please be courteous to all convention staff. We are all unpaid and work very hard to deliver a quality convention. If you have an issue you would like addressed, please contact a staff member and we will do our best to fairly settle the issue for you.


  • The purpose of the Unified Weapons Policy is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of our attendees and guests while obeying federal, state and local laws along with the policies of the convention venue.
  • Peace Bonding: All weapons that convention security determine to appear dangerous, on a case-by-case basis, must be peace bonded before being allowed into convention space. There will be a peace bonding station located near the convention registration area as well as experienced staff/security volunteers performing "mobile peace bonding" throughout the convention.
  • Permitted Weapons/Props

    • All fake, prop, or homemade weapons are permitted if they are in no way dangerous to attendees.
    • Sufficiently blunt wooden staves, bo sticks, boken, shinai, and swords are permitted.
    • Bullwhips and other stock whips are permitted provided they are rolled and secured, ideally by peace bonding, and remain that way during the convention.
    • Live steel, e.g. swords or knives, is permitted provided the item can be secured in a sheath, ideally by peace bonding, and it is not removed at any point during the convention.
    • Flail weapons, e.g. Nunchaku, are permitted provided the item can be secured, ideally by peace bonding.
    • Replicas of live firearms provided they are easily identifiable as props, e.g. an orange tipped barrel, and are peace bonded.
    • Behavior with Weapons/Props: Misuse of any prop weapon, such as swinging it in a public area, causing hazards or menacing others, even in jest, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe. The skill, or lack there of, of the person in possession of a weapon is irrelevant to the determination of whether or not it is dangerous. If a weapon or prop is deemed unsafe due to misuse, it must be removed from the convention space and stored in private quarters, e.g. a hotel room, for the remainder of the convention. 
  • Prohibited Weapons

    • Live firearms of any kind.
    • Live steel that cannot be secured in a sheath.
    • Projectile weapons. Examples of projectile weapons include, but are not limited to, pellet guns, BB guns, air guns, crossbows, dart guns, Nerf and blowguns. Exceptions may be made for non-live guns that are not loaded and can be disabled by convention security, ideally by peace bonding.
    • Flail weapons that cannot be secured.
    • Incendiary devices. All devices which spark, shoot flame, burn, smolder, can otherwise cause combustion or which exist for no purpose other than to be lit with a combustion device.
    • Illegal weapons are prohibited. Attendees found to be carrying illegal weapons will be immediately reported to the authorities.
    • Self-defense weapons. Examples of self-defense weapons include, but are not limited to, pepper spray, mace, stun guns and tasers.
  • Vendor Room Purchases and Prizes

    • Any prohibited weapons purchased or won as prizes at Con-Nichiwa must be securely packaged and immediately removed from the convention space.
    • Weapons should be stored in attendees' private quarters and are not to be taken out of their packaging or wrapping at any time on convention premises.
    • All prop weapons purchased or won as prizes at the convention must be peace bonded by Con-Nichiwa security if they are to be carried during the convention.

Con-Nichiwa staff reserves the right to revoke your badge and eject anyone at anytime from the convention without a refund.

*These policies are subject to change without notice