Please welcome this year's masquerade judges!

Vicky Bunnyangel
Vickybunnyangel comes to Tucson, Arizona for the first time! This Canadian cosplayer has dedicated herself to the art of cosplay for over a decade and received international acclaim for her work in magazines and numerous websites. Many know her for her League of Legends cosplays and tutorials, and she’s currently working on launching a book series for cosplay. Vicky loves trying out new things and encourages others to get creative and innovative with their builds. From sewing, to thermoplastics, to dyeing, to 3D printing, Vicky does it all. She's worked with companies like Riot Games, Arda Wigs, Dagoma, CosplaySupplies and Geekweave.

When she's feeling lazy, Vicky tends to her crops in Stardew Valley after rolling for waifus in Fire Emblem: Heroes.

Crooked Feather
Alexis Noriega of The Crooked Feather is best known for her work with animatronic and pneumatic articulating wings and high tech costume props. She has been featured in an episode of Outrageous Acts of Science on the Discovery Science Channel for her work with articulating wings, as well as in an article on People.com and many random features on sites like Bored Panda, The Fabulous World Trotters, Thrillist, Insider Style, and The Modern Met. She has also created wings for R. Kelly, Fords Theater production of The Wiz, Miss USA International, Masuimi Max and Jessica Nigiri, to name just a few.

She is a regular feature at maker/hacker events around Arizona where she works hard to promote Women in Science and Technology and encourage young girls to get involved in math and science. The industry leader in electronic wings, she is eager to share her knowledge with others to encourage exploration of technology, math, science and engineering. When not making wings and costumes she spends her time skydiving, reading, and playing video games.

Amber Skies
AmberSkies is no stranger to the world of creation and nerd-dom! She has been a lifelong artist, singer, and actress, and was raised in her family's tabletop miniatures/gaming store/internet arcade where she spent every day raiding at 11 years old on WoW, or beating men thrice her age in Magic the Gathering (all while spam Watching Sailor Moon and guzzling down all the ramen bowls she could get her grubby little hands on!)

In the last 6 years Amber has taken on elaborate and complex cosplay builds, worked professionally hand in hand with amazing companies such as Marvel Studios, Stan Lee, and Disney. She is an AZ teacher by day, and transforms herself into fantastic heroes and beasts by night!