Allegra Clark is a trilingual actor and voiceover artist originally from New York City. After spending a childhood doing commercials and school plays in both French and English, Allegra studied theatre and Italian literature at Northwestern University. She is most known for voicing Bloodhound (Apex:...
Pros and Cons Cosplay are twin Master-level cosplayers from the Midwest in the United States who have a strong understanding of cosplay construction, cosplay competition, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. They have competed and won numerous awards for cosplay craftsmanship and performance and fo...
Coqui is a variety streamer and vtuber also known for voice acting the roles of Ten in Urusei Yatsura as well as Purin-chu Penguin in Re:cycle of the Penguindrum movies. When she's not causing trouble in parking lots you can find her streaming from the South Side sewers over at
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Con Nichiwa 2023
11/3 - 11/5, 2023
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tucson - Reid Park
445 S. Alvernon Way
Tucson AZ 85711