LarpLikeRae is a Southern Arizona-based cosplayer who works with prop building, sewing, editing, and filmmaking. After finding their passion for cosplaying and bringing characters to life, LarpLikeRae has created over 200 cosplays and counting within only 5 years. Taking character development to an exciting level, they began to cosplay more as side characters or outfits that were beyond the series itself. By creating a new series that helped their cosplay career, LarpLikeRae created Princess hero versions from My Hero Academia including Princess Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki, Aizawa, and many others. Not stopping here, LarpLikeRae continues to create versions of characters that are unique and have never been seen before! Most of their well-known cosplays from social media may include Princess Bakugou, Fatgum, Thrawn, Mina Ashido, LaBrava, and finally Chili & Pepper. Outside of cosplaying, LarpLikeRae is known for their tattoos and occasionally will combine the two together. Creating tattoo sessions while in cosplay, getting a full in-character experience with tattooing. Please welcome LarpLikeRae and feel free to say hello!