While you may best know him as co-panelist to MonkeyPaw's long-time spritely personality Supa Lani Chan, Austin Allison is an Arizona-based digital illustrator, character designer and freelance artist. Engrossed in the world of animation since the time before he could even talk, Austin has always wanted to be an artist with the ultimate ambition to create stylized characters and scenes that evoke a smile as only cartoons can. His biggest artistic inspirations are the works of caricaturist Al Hirschfeld, director Genndy Tartakovsky, The Simpsons and the films of Walt Disney Animation. As a born-and-raised Tucsonan, Austin is proud to be a guest at his backyard con of Con-Nichiwa. Tucson locals may also recognize his work for the offical poster for 2023's Loft Kids Fest for The Loft Cinema! Whenever he is not drawing or watching cartoons, Austin can be found writing about animation, performing skits and songs with the Tucson revue troupe "One Rehearsal Short," and roaming around Disneyland into the night with Lani.