Feodor Chin is an LA-based actor, writer, and comedian originally from San Francisco, CA. As an actor, he was classically trained at UCLA, the American Conservatory Theater, and has studied with renowned acting coach, Larry Moss. He is a performer on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater house Maude team, Gotcha Gotcha. A veteran of stage and screen he also works extensively in voiceover with animation credits including Marvel's Hit-Monkey on Hulu, Curious George, and Cartoon Network's Regular Show. But he is probably most known for his work in video games including Zenyatta in Overwatch, Lee Sin in League of Legends, Harunobu Adachi in Ghost of Tsushima, Hannya in GhostWire: Tokyo, Godfall, Guild Wars 2, Wasteland 3, Paladins, Sleeping Dogs, and World of Warcraft.