Please welcome our Masquerade Judges!

Artemistyck (formerly thranduart) has been sewing since 2009 and cosplaying since 2013. Since joining the cosplay world, they've won multiple Best in Show titles for costume craftsmanship, judged a variety of cosplay competitions, and created educational content on sewing, crafting, and makeup. They have also partnered with a variety of well-known brands including Husqvarna North America, Singer Sewing, OLFA Crafts, Entertainment Earth, Amazon, and Sideshow Collectibles. Celebrated for their skill in transformations, they enjoy embodying the characters they cosplay as completely as possible. Artemistyck loves attending conventions across the country and connecting with others. You can find them on facebook, twitter, instagram, and tiktok under @artemistyck.

Sweets4aSweet Cosplay- Candy McFarlin was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan. After attending her first convention in 2011, Candy debuted her first cosplay - Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. Since then, she has added an extensive number of costumes to her resume, including many variations of Miss Piggy, Fiona and Fairy Godmother from Shrek, Queen of Hearts, Peggy Bundy from Married…with Children, Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, Captain Hook, Pam Poovey from Archer, Mrs. Beakley from DuckTales and Darla from Finding Nemo. She is most known for her attention to detail and film-accurate replications; however she is also proud of her original designs. Candy was the cover model for the June 2014 issue of Cosplay+ Magazine and has been featured in numerous articles and interviews on various media platforms, including CNN, MSN, Adult Swim, Nerdist, and Cosplay Culture. Candy is passionate about supporting confidence in cosplay and body acceptance. She writes articles for various blogs on confidence and anti-bullying, including several inspirational videos. She travels to many conventions across the US, however her full time job is an Administrator for a large Engineering firm. In her spare time, she continually strives to improve her skills in wig styling, prop building, is a makeup fx artist at a local haunted attraction and has taught cosplay classes at a local art school. Candy also enjoys reading, console gaming and various fandoms like DC Comics, 80’s movies and horror films. You can find more information at her website, on Facebook as Sweets4aSweet Cosplay, or follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube & Vero @sweets4asweet. 

Kori Ann Cosplay - Kori Klein, better known by her alias, Kori Ann Cosplay was introduced to the world of cosplay in 2014 and has never looked back since. She continued cosplay during college as she got her degree in art education. She is known for her recreations of characters from League of Legends, (specifically her Xayah, which won first in her category at PFF 2018) as well as The Legend of Zelda. Kori’s view on cosplay is that anyone and everyone can do it. When she’s not cosplaying (or working on it), she is teaching her 6th - 12th grade art students, working on art commissions, or playing video games on her PC and consoles! You can follow her on Instagram @mythicalmajesty to see more of her creations!

The Masquerade will be Main Events on Saturday at 8:00pm.

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