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Do you even lift, Senpai?
11/18/2022 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Salon C
Every day is upper body day, So when is Leg day? To dumbbell or not to dumbbell? Want to get some mad bod gains but don't know where to start? Come to the panel where we will have these answers and more! Let's talk about our favorite exercise driven Husbandos and Wifus and how they inspire us to better ourselves in real life. From the buff daddies of JoJo's Bizarre adventure to the busty babes of Keijo!!!!, Let's talk about Gains, Weights and dedication! No Muscles needed. All are welcome. You may just see a soft flex or two at this panel.
Additional Panelists:
  • OyajiRyan:Oyaji Ryan is ready to party!
  • Sinpoid Cosplay:
  • FlamingRaymond:Just an average dude living in an average world