OtakuCloset (Sat)
11/19/2022 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Prefunction Hallway
Miss Deep
After the Vendor Hall closes, don’t put that wallet away just yet! Swing by the Otaku Closet to see what Anime fans have to sell and trade. Or, are you looking to make a quick buck or two? Why not rent a spot at the Otaku Closet. Sell, trade, or barter your gently used anime merchandise for something you like.



  • Since space is limited, stalls are sold on a first-come, first serve basis.
  • If you register online, you must bring proof of purchase at check-in.  Proof of purchase includes…
  • The confirmation email you receive after you purchase your spot
  • If you register at the convention, payment is due at the Otaku Closet Desk when you check in.
  • Check-in starts half an hour before the Otaku Closet opens at the Otaku Closet Desk.
  • If you purchase a stall on separate days, you need to pay for each day.
  • Please be advised that there will not be any tables or chairs for the Otaku Closet booths. Areas will be marked off. Make sure to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing since you will be sitting on the ground most of the time.  Bring a blanket or a pillow to sit on if needed.
  • Otaku Closet is mostly a CASH-only zone.  Prices are set at the discretion of the sellers. Bartering is accepted. Sellers are responsible for managing their cash. We are unable to break change.
  • Selling of Hentai or any adult material is accepted and can only be purchased by those 18 and older. IDs of those wanting to buy adult materials MUST BE checked by the seller. Sellers must be 18+ to sell.  These items must be covered up in some manner, or they cannot be sold.
  • Selling fake fantasy/cosplay weapons is acceptable.  These weapons must be peace-bonded by security to be sold.
  • The Otaku Closet is not an artist alley or vendor booth space, it is solely for the selling of used items that you personally own and have used. Any new product that is pre-packaged is not allowed.
  • Not allowed to sell
  • Real weapons or weapons that have not been peace-bonded by security
  • Personally made goods that are not used previously
  • (Example: A new cosplay you made for the show would not be allowed, but a cosplay you have worn in the past is)
  • Multiples of a product
  • Example: You may sell a gently worn t-shirt, but you cannot sell a dozen of the same shirt.
  • Food and beverages
  • Pre-packaged items or multiple of the same item
  • Uncovered Hentai and adult materials.
  • Convention Staff and Security are allowed to close your stall for any reason and no refund will be given.


SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK: The convention is not responsible for stolen, misplaced, or damaged goods.

OtakuCloset (Saturday) ($10.00)
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